Employer Guidelines

Families Hiring In-home Caregivers

To Obtain a Business Number

A BN is a 9-digit business identifier that CRA assigns to an employer located in Canada for tax purposes.

Employers can register for a BN by:

  • Internet:

Use the CRA Business Registration On-line service

  • Phone:

Call the CRA Business Enquires line at 1-800-959-5525 (toll-free).
Before calling, be ready to answer all the questions in the
Request for a BN Form (RC1).

  • Mail or fax:

Complete the Request for a BN Form (RC1) and mail or fax it to the nearest tax services office

Note :

  • Sole proprietors may use an existing BN to hire a foreign caregiver. However, they must employ the caregiver under a domestic account separate from their other business activities.
  • Other employers cannot use an existing company BN, should they have one, to hire a foreign caregiver. They must obtain a separate BN for the specific purpose of hiring a caregiver.
  • In instances of multiple employers applying to hire a foreign caregiver, only 1 BN is required.